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The power of addition while snacking

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I hate math. I really hate math. Yet somehow this blog post keeps ending up with math terms, without me planning it. Read on and see if you can get behind my “fruit math”.

“Snack Time”! Twenty years ago that usually meant an entire bag of Nacho Cheese Doritos or a whole pint of Ben & Jerry’s Heath Bar Crunch. Or, shudder to think, huge spoonfuls of cookie dough batter!

These days, when I get hungry for a snack, I briefly reminisce about the old days, and then shake it off and think: “What healthy snack can I have right now”?

Tonight the answer was: a Forelle pear and cheddar cheese. Believe it or not, I’ve sold Forelles at wholesale for decades but this is the 1st one I ate! It was pretty good, especially with the cheese to complement it.

For another example of how I snack these days, if I wanted cheese and crackers, I’d add dried cherries or apple juice. I guess I think of “rounding out”  (up?) my snacks, as in, “What can I add to this snack to round it out and make it  healthier”?

It’s a lot easier to add things than subtract, a point you’ll see often in my blogs because it’s so simple yet powerful.

No one wants to deny themselves. So I will again reference my wonderful former personal trainer, Mary Concannon, and share her advice to tell yourself, “I can have the (fill-in-the-blank snack) but I’m going to eat (an apple, plum, pear,etc.) FIRST”.

Many times I am full from the fruit, and skip the chips. Other times, believe me, I still eat the chips. BUT I eat less than I would have if I grabbed the bag while hungry!!

Look for more snacking tips in future posts, and feel free to share yours here. Let me know if the fruit math concepts help. Thanks for reading…and Happy Healthy Snacking!


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  1. Mmmm! I started salivating the instant I clicked over and saw this page!

    “What can I add to this snack to round it out and make it healthier”? That’s excellent advice. I’m trying to do the same type of thing lately with my meals. It’s hard for me because…well, for a lot of reasons. But I think this approach makes so much more sense than denying ourselves the things we want. Doing that just makes me feel deprived, which makes me want to eat even more junky stuff…

    I really like the “addition” part of your math. :o)

    Comment by Michelle Russell — 08/04/2009 @ 6:51 pm

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