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Breakfast for dinner, once again!

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 Dinner Dinner, What’s for Dinner?

Does this sound familar? “I don’t wanna make something, but I don’t wanna eat junk either”. It’s 8 PM so I am way too hungry to make something that will take more than 5 minutes, and due to food allergies there isn’t much in the frozen food category I can have.

So I resorted to breakfast for dinner, once again. Two slices of French toast, with diced first-of-the-season White Peaches and a bit of cream cheese, and in about 5 minutes “dinner” was ready!

Ideal dinner? Doubtful, but it’s got to count as an upgrade from how I used to eat French toast,  with butter and drowned in syrup, or from my usual default dinner of cold cereal when I can’t figure anything else out and I’ve waited so long I’m feeling loopy. (OK peanut gallery, loopier than usual!) Plus it’s definitely an upgrade from the “old days” when the cereal of choice was, you guessed it, Fruit Loops!

Now, even in my hunger-induced fog, I always try to figure out how can I make what I pick healthier than “the usual”. (Hence the white peach for sweetness instead of syrup). When I eat cheerios I add dried cherries or fresh nectarine or peach. With peanut butter crackers I’ll have apple juice instead of soda. And so on.

Strict nutritional guidelines to live by? You won’t get those from me. But for encouragement to keep trying to eat more healthfully, nutritious snack suggestions and a hint that sometimes it doesn’t have to be hard-I’m your gal. Just kick up the nutritional content a bit on at least one item, every time you eat something. It doesn’t feel like work, and I know I feel a lot better by doing this. I hope you will too! And if you want help or ideas, please let me know.

Want to do something for dinner with white peaches but NOT French Toast? Check out this recipe from the California fruit growers! “White Peach Margarita Chicken”  

Thanks for reading!



  1. I love the idea of breakfast for dinner. I think it’s very wickedly delicious. The link is very helpful. Thanks for sharing.

    Comment by Tes — 05/20/2010 @ 5:08 am

  2. Hi Tes, Thanks for writing!! Happy to meet another breakfast-for-dinner fan. Glad that you like the link!
    Thanks for reading.
    Best wishes,

    Comment by fruitchick1 — 05/20/2010 @ 10:44 pm

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