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Dorothy Vitrano

Dorothy Vitrano

Welcome to my blog! My name is Dorothy Vitrano, and I also answer to “Hey Fruit Lady”! I’m part of a large Italian family (14 1st cousins, tons of 2nd and 3rd cousins that I actually know)! We  own a wholesale produce company started by my grandparents in 1932. So there is a lifelong fruit and vegetable influence that led to my passion for the industry and for helping folks eat more healthfully. Not only because “Mom says so”, but because fresh food can be a delicious, vital part of everyday living and special celebrations.

Many friends and contacts have shared that they “really need to eat better”.  It is typically said bashfully, with heads hanging low. I’d like to help people get over that hurdle or mental block that “eating better” is difficult, and that if you don’t do it all the time you are a failure or a bad person. Nothing of the sort! Tiny additions to your day, rather than subtractions, can make a world of difference, and you get a chance to “improve” multiple times throughout the day.

Most of my waking hours revolve around the most basic, healthful foods on earth,  so I’d like to share fruit and veggie tips, facts, recipes, and resources to help you eat more healthfully without a lot of work! I’m not much of a cook (more of a “microwaver”), and if anything takes longer than 15 minutes to prep my ADD kicks in– and there goes any chance of dinner! So, any tips or recipes will pass the “Dorothy’s Attention Span and ahem, culinary “skills”” test before being posted!

I hope you’ll find real value from this blog, and come back often to comment. My goal is to help you find fresh produce easy and enjoyable to work with…so that you can lead a more “fruitful” life!


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