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Considering that my love of fresh produce stems from my family, I think my inaugural blog post is the ideal place to showcase my grandparents motto: “Eat fresh fruits and vegetables, Stay healthy!”

While they both had very little formal education, they instinctively knew what basic principles were important for a healthy and successful life:  proper rest, lots of deep breathing and plenty of good food!

As a teen, my typical breakfast was a bowl of Cheerios or even Frosted Flakes. One memorable morning at their house, I discovered that my routine meal was not allowed on Grammy’s watch! Half a grapefruit, then an egg, then a slice of melon and then I could eat the cereal if I wanted. What a shock to even contemplate that much food in the morning!

While I admit that her rules for the breakfast club did not stick with me (at least I’ve upgraded to Total Raisin Bran), Grammy was definitely onto something: start with a breakfast like that and you have plenty of fuel for the day (and you’ve already gotten 2 servings of fruit before leaving the house!)

Along those lines, I’d like to share a valuable tip my former trainer gave me. Start your day by asking yourself: “what can I ADD to my day that will be healthy for me”? I highly recommend using breakfast as your starting point, because it is so easy to slide a serving of fruit in there, possibly while you’re still half asleep!

Plan on 6 oz. of OJ, or 1/2 a grapefruit, a handful of grapes–whatever suits your tastes and fits in with any special medical or dietary needs. Then, you can feel great because you’ve already gotten one serving in for the day. Off you go to whatever adventures await you, hopefully with a bit more energy than usual. Have a fruitful day!


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